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Point 1: The Twilight rifftrax is, in fact, hilarious.

Point 2: I really REALLY did like Planet of the Dead and continue to want to hug Malcolm.

Point 3: I found my mouse! ...the computer kind.

Point 4: I want more Atlus RPGs for DS. This one is kind of fantastic.
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I'm... kind of thinking of importing.

And kind of not thinking of importing.

After all, I'm not leaving Livejournal. At least, not completely. And almost like a picturebook, I like my LJ as it is: both in it's current form and WHERE it is.

I said right at the start that this journal was going to be something of a new beginning. I'm not quite going to do anything as new agey as consider it a 'rebirth' but I am, I think, going to leave this as a fresh start. There's links from here to there and I have no doubt that depending on how this account gets used eventually I'll bring some things over.

I just don't think I'm going to go whole hog. I think, like cutting my hair or buying new clothes or a dozen other things I've done to, well, get better, I'm going to let the past be there. Take my four suitcases and a laundry basket (some of you will get this, some of you might not) and start fresh.

So I hope to see old friends here, but I'm going to try and do everything organically. Add people here as they approach me, or as I find them.

Also, zomg need to work on the layout at some point.


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